Weekly Market Review

Weekly Market Review June 13

Interest rate decisions by major central banks will be the highlights of this week, certainly awaited to create much buzz on the trading market. The European Central Bank will hold meetings throughout this week, while the Fed (Federal Reserve), the BOJ (Bank of Japan) and the BOE (Bank of England) get ready to announce their […]

Weekly Market Review June 06

The U.S. dollar tanked on poor Nonfarm Payrolls reading data obtained on Friday. An extraordinary weak NFP reading of 38K, sent the dollar in a downtrend spiral against a basket of major currencies. A drop of 85K from the previous reading of 123K for the NFP was colossal and the market did not digest this […]

Weekly Market Review May 30

The U.S. dollar has taken a nice advance on the charts, representing a three-straight weeks of gains. A probable hike in interest rates is still the talk of the town, which can continue generate much rally amidst major currencies. The Bank of Japan is trying regain influence and send the Yen up against the greenback, […]

Weekly Market Review May 23

As the G7 meeting came to an end in Japan, conclusion was that the United-States warned Japan against intervening to weaken the Yen. Currency intervention dragged both major economies into a well-known rift a long time before. Disagreement between both parties, also helped to push the Nikkei down by more than 1 percent, while investors […]

Weekly Market Review May 16

Economic indicators show that China’s economy fares well with factory output and retail sales data showing slight growth. However, the growth was lower than expected raising fears that China might need more time to overcome its economic crisis. Elsewhere, commodities were hurt as the dollar managed to strike a two-week high against major currencies. The […]