Weekly Market Review

Weekly Market Review May 09

The nonfarm payrolls data was obtained on a sour note on Friday, dipping by 48K from a previous reading of 208K. Strangely, the U.S. dollar picked up momentum, as currencies such as the Euro faces Greece debt problem again, while “Brexit” exerts more pressure on the British Pound. The Japanese Yen could however soar back […]

Weekly Market Review May 02

The global market went berserk last week, with a plunging dollar and big companies such as Apple, Twitter, Facebook, Amazon, PayPal and Exxon releasing their respective earnings reports. Some of them surprised with excellent returns while others displayed disappointment. Exxon Mobil was last to report earnings on Friday, showing that the company’s shares mostly plunged […]

Weekly Market Review April 25

U.S. enters into a crucial week with the FOMC policy meeting expected to take off as from tomorrow, up till Wednesday. Interest rate decision by the Fed will be the main element of this meeting but investors are not convinced that there might a raise in rates. The economic outlook seems fair enough but this […]

Weekly Market Review April 18

Commodities rally came to an end after major crude producers refrained from agreeing on the crude output freeze, which was needed to curb oversupply. Iran’s comeback as a major crude producer was seen as a threat and the country added more sorrow to crude prices, by rejecting Saudi Arabia’s appeal to join the agreement. OPEC […]

Weekly Market Review April 11

Preponderant news abound on this beginning of the week, thus pointing towards a hectic schedule for the days to come. The Panama Papers haven’t stopped making buzz yet, adding pressure for a Brexit and now, pushing David Cameron to announce the introduction of a new tax evasion law this year. Meanwhile, U.S president Barack Obama […]